Vogue - FundaHigado America for Venezuela

Vogue – FundaHigado America for Venezuela
All about the foundation that has helped hundreds of children in Latin America.

Hace 12 años, los  doctores Pedro Rivas Vetencourt y Tomoaki Kato decidieron emprender un viaje con una sola misión: darle una oportunidad de vivir aniños enfermos de bajos recursos. 

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What is Gilbert’s syndrome?

Gilbert’s syndrome is a genetic disease, is inherited from parents and affects bilirubin levels in the bloodstream.

Causes of cholangitis

Cholangitis could be the consequence of choledocholithiasis, which is the presence of stones in the bile ducts.



Génesis is 3 years old and was born in Costa Rica with a congenital liver disease.


Elías is a young adolescent with an advanced liver disease.


Jin received a segment of his father´s liver in May 2015.