Emilio Estefan met with the FundaHigado America directors and discussed exciting plans for the future of the foundation.

During the month of July, Directors of Fundahígado América had the opportunity to meet with musician and producer Emilio Estefan and introduce him to their work.

On July 20th, Fundahígado América team met with Emilio Estefan, the renowned Cuban producer and musician, winner of 2 Grammy Awards and co-founder of the musical group Miami Sound Machine, along with his successful wife, singer Gloria Estefan.

The following personalities attended this important meeting: Dr. Tomoaki Kato and Dr. Pedro Rivas, Directors of the foundation, Marco Monroy member of the FHA board, María Carolina Cárdenas, UBS Bank representative and collaborator of FHA; José Miguel Reyes, member of the digital marketing agency “Playful”, and Frank Méndez, representative of the producer house Soda Producciones. Emilio Estefan’s marketing staff was also present.

The purpose of this meeting was to give information on the foundation. This link was made thanks to Carolina Herrera, friend of Emilio Estefan and member of Fundahígado América´s Directive Board.

Estefan showed his concern for the health situation in the South American country as well as his ideas on the cause. Concerns on the efforts were answered by the members of the foundation, and they all discussed costs and plans for the development of their most recent campaign: “Historias Amarillas”.

Dr. Pedro Rivas, Fundahígado América´s CEO commented about the discussion held: “The meeting with Emilio is the result of the request made by Carolina Herrera, Director of the Foundation to make our project heard. Broadly speaking, the meeting was very positive since Emilio was able to spot an opportunity, an expertise area within his scope of action in which is the production of documentaries and music will tell what the foundation does.

This can be achieved, for example, by showing how people can lose their lives if they don’t get a transplant; or how in fact there are some people that have lost their lives, or the emptiness in the life of a parent after losing a child that did not get a transplant. But also, to express the success of the organization’s work and the many benefits that comes with it.

New possibilities

For Dr. Rivas, this meeting opens a possibility, described as “unique” for them: “being able to partner up with someone as talented as Emilio Estefan in order to produce a documentary and then have it spread across the media, news and the internet. I think that’s the important part.”
Finally, the founder of this organization says that these meetings are meaningful opportunities to start their projects: “Our staff has to understand the magnitude behind all this and the efforts involved in the work of social media and the outreach of the work we do.”

Fundahígado América group is filled with hope with this new alliance since many projects for the organization will come out of it.

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