One step closer to saving the lives of children in the Dominican Republic

One step closer to saving the lives of children in the Dominican Republic
A new meeting between the Plaza de la Salud General Hospital and FundaHigado America took place during the month of November, raising hopes of implementing the transplant program in the Caribbean country.

Last week, a meeting was held between the FundaHigado América team and the medical team from the General Plaza de la Salud Hospital, located in the Dominican Republic.

This encounter has many benefits for both organizations as it brings them one step closer to the implementation of a medical personnel training program that will help change the lives of many people suffering from liver diseases in the Dominican Republic.

On this occasion, the FundaHigado America team visited the facilities of General Plaza de la Salud Hospital, being this, a pioneer in many treatments within the country.

At the same time, the details and important requirements that must be covered when performing a liver transplant were observed, for example: surgery rooms, the intensive care unit, the medical team and, above all, the enthusiasm of the staff to implement a program like this in their country.

Although the hospital is still in the process of investment and refurbishment of its facilities, the Fundahigado America team is certain that this hospital will become the main headquarters of the program in this country and it will reunite and link the life of dozens of doctors and liver patients in the future.

“This is a reality and we are working on it.” Dr. Julio Amado Castaños Chairman of the Board.


As Fundahigado America has been working hand in hand with the General Plaza de la Salud Hospital for Dominican children, so has Javier Paulino, founder of the “Xavier Foundation”.

Since its creation, the Xavier Foundation has been dedicated to helping other parents in the Dominican Republic, orienting them in the process of understanding liver diseases, offering them support and help in obtaining the medicines they require for treatments.

Javier, who lost his son for not being able to access a solution that saved his life, decided to create the foundation in honor of his son Xavier, who had bile duct atresia and who, unfortunately, died when he did not have the health resources necessary to perform the corrective surgery and liver transplantation.

Since Xavier’s death, Javier has not stopped working to help others from his knowledge and experience.

Javier tells us that “the foundation takes the name of his son, so that he can always remember him and keep in mind that there are many other children who need the treatment and necessary care for this type of diseases.”

Thanks to the effort and hard work between these three organizations it will be possible to bring hope to millions of families that need it and together, save the lives of hundreds of liver patients in the Dominican Republic.

If you want to receive information about the steps to follow for the Training Program implementation and the requirements that your country must meet in order to implement it, follow us on our social networks @Fundahigadoamerica or the articles that we share every week through our official website.

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Génesis is 3 years old and was born in Costa Rica with a congenital liver disease.


Elías is a young adolescent with an advanced liver disease.


Jin received a segment of his father´s liver in May 2015.