Drinks for the liver

Drinks for the liver
A smart and healthy way to consume the nutrients needed to cleanse the liver is through juices or drinks that contain them.

Protecting the liver from multiple liver diseases or even just taking care of it so that it remains healthy throughout our lives is easier than we think and is not limited to just stopping certain foods and eating a healthy diet. 

Another way to provide the body with the nutrients it needs to function and protect our liver is to drink liver cleansing drinks regularly. Therefore, we dedicate this post to provide you with the best options of drinks for the liver.

Coffee reduces risk of live cancer


Coffee is one of the main beverages recommended to cleanse the liver since it has been proven that people who consume it regularly have less risk of suffering from chronic liver diseases and fatty liver disease.

According to these studies, coffee has qualities that influence liver enzymes and reduce the accumulation of fat in the organ. In addition, it also contributes to increasing the presence of antioxidants such as glutathione, which protects the liver by neutralizing the development of cancer cells. 

Green tea is high in beneficial antioxidants

Green tea

As we already mentioned in another post, green tea is one of the healthiest beverages there is because of the number of benefits it provides to millions of people every year.

Focusing only on the benefits for the liver, some studies suggest that green tea reduces the risk of liver cancer in Asian women, but the truth is that this study has not been able to conclude if it is a determining factor or not.

The reason why green tea is so beneficial for the liver is because of its high concentration of catechin, a powerful antioxidant that can inhibit the development of cancer cells, according to some studies.

In the case of consuming green tea, it is important that it is of good quality and not an extract since extracts can cause more damage to the liver. 

Grape juice contributes to the cholesterol reduction and detoxification process

Grape juice

Grapes are one of the best fruits to obtain antioxidants beneficial to our organism. Therefore, it is inevitable not to count its juices as part of the best liver cleansing drinks that exist.

In the last decade, the effects of grape juice on cell regeneration, cholesterol reduction, and the body’s detoxification process have been studied, which contributes, not only to cancer prevention but also to maintaining healthy weight control. 

In addition to this, grape juice contains high levels of vitamin C, folic acid, iron, potassium and calcium, and antioxidants that the body converts into vitamin A. Thanks to this, grape juice helps reduce inflammation and prevent liver damage.

Beet juice has been studied for its benefits as an excellent beverage for cleansing the liver

Beet juice

Among the most recommended vegetables in the diet of patients with liver diseases, beet is one of the most renowned. This is because its presentation in juice is one of the best drinks to cleanse the liver. 

Beet juice is an excellent source of antioxidants such as betalain, which reduces inflammation and contributes to the protection of the heart.  It also protects the liver from developing hepatopulmonary syndrome, which is very common in patients with liver cirrhosis

Other benefits of beet juice are its high vitamin C and potassium content and its ability to perfectly complement any drink or smoothie, being a very versatile vegetable.

Green smoothies are excellent choices for concentrating nutrients and minerals

Green Smoothies

Finally, we have one of the favorite methods of some fitness followers: green smoothies. These drinks are very effective for cleansing the liver since they maintain the nutrients of the vegetables that are added and represent a simple and practical way to increase the intake of vegetables in people’s diets. 

Among the most common ingredients for these juices are beets, carrots, avocado, kale, spirulina, and various fruits, fresh or frozen, which provide texture and a pleasant taste. 

Integrating these types of drinks, which help cleanse the liver, into the diet, although not mandatory, can be an effective way to improve the health of patients and people who wish to maintain an optimal state of health. The consumption of these drinks not only protects the liver but also the whole body as it is a package of essential vitamins and minerals. 

It is also recommended to visit a nutritionist or expert for more specific recommendations on the best beverages and foods for certain conditions or for more precise recipes.

Verónica Guillén, writer

Content Intern Fundahígado América

Eugenia Jiménez Alvarez, proofreading

Assistant to the Fundahigado América coordination

Bachelor in Biomedical Sciences


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