Liver-healthy meal

Liver-healthy meal
Planning a meal plan with liver-healthy meal recipes is one of the best ways to protect your liver and saves time in the process.

Eating is a fundamental part of maintaining optimal health, we know this, but sometimes it can be difficult to cook at home or even find healthy options outside the home that also have liver care as a priority.

That is why today we share with you seven recipes for liver-healthy meals that will allow you to organize an easy-to-follow weekly meal plan in a short amount of time. These recipes take into account the foods that are usually good for the liver and, therefore, are good options for liver disease patients or for those who want to take care of their liver as a preventive measure.

Chicken breast can is a low-fat and versatile source of protein for healthy recipes

Chicken stir-fry with vegetables

This recipe is simple and very versatile, perfect for those who wish to increase their vegetable intake and keep their protein or carbohydrate intake under control since substitutions can be made easily and without significantly modifying the flavor. It is important, however, to limit the use of prepared sauces that may contain a lot of sodium, so it is advisable to use herbs and other seasonings.

See the original recipe here.

A diet high in good quality carbohydrates is most recommended for hemochromatosis patients

Penne Ratatouille

Penne Ratatouille is a pasta casserole with the common ratatouille vegetables: eggplant, tomatoes, and zucchini. This recipe is high in carbohydrates and nutrients from vegetables and greens, recommended for hemochromatosis patients, who should decrease their intake of animal proteins.

Other modifications to the recipe can be to include more green vegetables or accompany it with salads and even fish, also beneficial for its high content of healthy fats and Omega 3.

See the original recipe here.

Avocado is an excellent source of healthy fats and can be included in all kinds of preparations

Avocado and chicken salad

With a variation of the typical Mediterranean salads, this recipe with Mexican flavors is ideal for avocado lovers, excellent food for the liver due to its high content of healthy fats and nutrients.

See the original recipe here.

The most recommended fish for healthy recipes is salmon for its high Omega 3 content

Broiled salmon with ginger

Salmon is one of the fish with the highest concentration of Omega 3 and other excellent fats for the liver. In addition, accompanying it with ginger, which is a natural depurant and other vegetables, makes it one of the best meals for the liver.

See the original recipe here

Pickled and fermented foods are optimal sources of probiotics needed by the body

Fermented pickles

Fermented foods such as pickles or yogurt are good sources of probiotics that help protect the liver organ. Therefore, we include in this list of liver-healthy food recipes the recipe for making fermented pickles at home. Pickle can also be substituted with onions, carrots, cabbage, and radish depending on each person’s preference.

See the original recipe here

Minestrone is an Italian recipe that includes vegetables and is recognized for its nutritional value

Vegetarian Minestrone

This recipe consists of a vegetable soup with pasta and is an excellent source of complex carbohydrates and nutrients from vegetables. Among liver-healthy meal recipes, this is one of the most versatile ones out there and is usually very easy and quick to make…

See the original recipe here

Beans are excellent substitutes for processed flours and bring a compact texture to desserts

Black Bean Brownie

Finally, this brownie recipe without wheat flour is high in protein and fiber of the best quality that is digested much slower in the body, avoiding overeating and favoring liver functions.

See the original recipe here.

These are seven of the best recipes of healthy meals for the liver that you can implement at home to improve your health and accompany the indications of a doctor and nutritionist.

Note that these recipes are not official recommendations of any health expert but are based on general indications for liver patients and a balanced diet, so prior consultation with experts is necessary to ensure the health of patients in each specific case.

We recommend you explore more recipes and integrate a variety of vegetables and fruits into your daily diet to maintain a healthy lifestyle. By clicking here you can find other healthy recipes for all types of diets.

Verónica Guillén, writer

Content Intern Fundahígado América

Eugenia Jiménez Alvarez, proofreading

Assistant to the Fundahigado América coordination

Bachelor in Biomedical Sciences


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Génesis is 3 years old and was born in Costa Rica with a congenital liver disease.


Elías is a young adolescent with an advanced liver disease.


Jin received a segment of his father´s liver in May 2015.