World Transplant Day

World Transplant Day
A healthy organ from a living donor can transform the life of someone in need. World Transplant Day reminds us of the importance of living-donor organ donation, especially for liver transplantation, which offers a second chance to people with severe liver diseases.

World Transplant Day celebrates the gift of life offered by living organ donors. This year, we highlight the hope that liver transplantation provides to thousands of people.

World Transplant Day: A Gift That Transforms Lives

Every February 27, we celebrate World Transplant Day, a day dedicated to recognizing the altruistic act of living-donor organ donation and celebrating the hope it provides to thousands of people waiting for a transplant to live. On this day, we want to highlight the importance of liver transplantation, a procedure that offers a second chance to people with severe liver diseases.

The Liver: A Vital Organ

The liver is a vital organ that performs essential bodily functions, such as detoxifying the blood, producing proteins, and regulating blood clotting. When the liver fails due to a disease like cirrhosis, hepatitis, or cancer, liver transplantation from a living donor becomes a survival option for the patient.

The liver is a vital organ for life

An Invaluable Gift: Living-Donor Organ Donation

Live-to-living organ donation is an act of generosity and love that can transform another person’s life. A living donor can donate a segment of their liver to a relative up to the fifth degree of consanguinity who needs it, allowing the patient to receive a healthy organ and significantly improving their quality of life.

Advances in Liver Transplantation

Advances in medicine and technology have made living donor liver transplantation an increasingly safe and effective procedure. The five-year survival rate after a living donor liver transplant has increased significantly in recent decades, meaning more people can enjoy a full life after receiving this invaluable gift.

World Transplant Day: A call to action

On World Transplant Day, we call for action:

Learn about live-to-living organ donation. Talk to your family and friends about the possibility of being a living donor.

Consider becoming a living liver donor. If you are a match for someone who needs a transplant, you can give them the gift of life.

Share information about live-to-live organ donation on your social networks.

Together we can create a culture of living-to-living organ donation and provide hope to thousands of people waiting for a transplant to live.

Remember: A healthy organ from a living donor can change someone’s life. Be a hero! Donate an organ!


Daniela Malavé Montilla, writing
Bachelor in Mass Communication

Eugenia Jiménez Alvaréz, editor
Assistant to the coordination of Fundahígado América
Bachelor in Biomedical Sciences

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Génesis is 3 years old and was born in Costa Rica with a congenital liver disease.


Elías is a young adolescent with an advanced liver disease.


Jin received a segment of his father´s liver in May 2015.