Healthy dessert recipes with nuts and dried fruit

Healthy dessert recipes with nuts and dried fruit

Most of the recommendations for liver care and for patients suffering from particular liver diseases is to eat a balanced diet rich in vegetables and fruits. However, this does not mean that, according to the indications of a health professional, it is not possible to enjoy some sweet tastes.

One of the best foods for the liver are nuts, such as almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts and other seeds that are high in healthy fats and nutrients that contribute to the functioning of the body.

For this reason, we have compiled three healthy desserts with nuts that you can make at home, making the necessary substitutions, if required, and keeping the sweet taste that we often want.

Pecan pie cookies

Nuts are excellent sources of healthy fats and can be eaten raw or cooked in different preparations

Nuts are one of the easiest nuts to find and are often affordable in most parts of the world. Being a perfect source of healthy fats, nuts are excellent foods to integrate into healthy desserts with nuts.

This cookie recipe is reminiscent of mini pies and substitutes almond flour for the plain flour and almond or coconut oil for the oil.

However, we must still remember that the recipe includes maple syrup as a sweetener and needs to be consumed in moderation.

You can see the complete recipe here.

Butter cookies with almonds and honey

Almonds, like walnuts, are among the most readily available nuts in the world and are often a key ingredient in a number of desserts

Shortbread cookies are a holiday classic and can be made in a healthier version to take care of the liver. This healthy dessert with nuts includes almonds as the main ingredient and uses refined wheat flour, but this can be replaced with oat flour or other flour you have on hand to add more fiber.

Likewise, the original recipe is prepared with butter and honey so it is highly caloric and not recommended for people suffering from fatty liver disease or other chronic liver diseases that prevent them from eating too much fat.

You can see the complete recipe here.

Nut bars with chocolate and coconut

Nut bars concentrate calories and quality nutrients in small packages that are easy to carry and consume

Finally, this recipe for sweet nut bars with chocolate and nuts is a versatile and practical dessert that can be made in quantity and easily reserved. This is one of the most popular healthy desserts with nuts and dried fruits since it adapts to the needs of all types of patients.

In this case, almonds and almond butter are used as the main ingredients, but other nuts such as peanuts and hazelnuts can be substituted.

You can see the complete recipe here.

The liver and, in general, the body, require quality nutrients that can come from desserts, as long as they are prepared with the right ingredients and sweets do not have to be the exception. Dare to try these healthy desserts with nuts and make changes to adjust them to your taste and needs.

Verónica Guillén, writer

Content Intern Fundahígado América

Eugenia Jiménez Alvarez, proofreading

Assistant to the Fundahigado América coordination

Bachelor in Biomedical Sciences


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